Thursday, February 11, 2016

Cancer Update: Treatment Continues

I. I'm slowly working my way up the table of periodic updates: from horizontal to right anglethough there are apparently some among my readership for whom that subject can never be insuffiienctly compelling nor can the content ever "too right" to be labeled as inappropriate as blog material. Just bring it on, and let the blue pencils fly. Sheesh. I'm no convinced this is a good way to run a railroad.

I face a stiff challenge first thing evey day when the PT folks push me to give them "true weight" right out of the box. This request invariably puts me my off my feed (do they believe I've heretofore been conspiring to obsfuscate?) It just wrong foots the whole day.

II. While I'm at it, I've also noticed some subtle changes to the frequency and duration of my walker perambulations. Though I have no idea why that constitutes compelling information, I nonetheless have it. Surely Therapists want consistent information about weights and it makes sense that they're more likely to get if it's requested at the same time daily.

That said, I chafe because they are willing to let the high standards (just barely possible in the controlled hospital environment) be the enemy of the good that's routinely possible but mostly wasted. Sigh.

III. Finally, there are some oddments about difference ways that readers prefer receiving information updates, which includes a marked perference away from cognition and toward gestalt. Is that worth noting? Apparently it is, as here I am already doing it, as well as preferences about how how that info is conveyed. 

While everyone wants blood be be drawn only as needed, and wants samples to be fresh, the patient wants the total number of draws to be minimal where the doctor what wants to emphasize freshness and blood that's least likely to coagulate.

Nursing staff wants to emphasize frequencing of testing for vitals (blood pressure, heart rate and blood temperature) to avoid surprises. Patients want to reduce routine testing in the service the same goals. It gets confusing. And when the music stops, everyone is supposed to get their butt in a chair or go home. Can you see why this is nerve-wracking?


Leslie Greenwood said...

I'm following your progress, Laird, sending hugs. Love.

Becca Krantz said...

It was so good to see you in person last night and this morning, Laird! To others reading this -- I can report that Laird, though a little loopy at times from the drugs, is in reasonably good spirits and from what I could tell during my short stay in Duluth, in very good hands.

TerryEdlin said...

I see that you can still write, Laird! That's good news. Keep those posts coming as you recover to full and perfect health.

Alex Barnes said...

Best wishes, from Alex & Bri

SophiaD said...

Glad to see posts of whatever form

Clarissa said...

Though it is certainly not your job at this point to entertain us, Laird, this is entertainingly written. Sending love. Dip dip and swing. Clarissa