Saturday, February 11, 2012

Early Valentine

I know it's not yet Feb 14, but I had time on the train yesterday to think about all the ways I appreciate my partner, and it seemed a good time articulate them. Here's what I came up with:

o You like being held
o You're willing to talk about anything
o You're highly articulate about what's going on with you
o You hang in there when I'm struggling
o You have a goofy & playful side
o You live a happy life on a frugal budget
o You're a terrific training partner & a skilled facilitator
o You're willing to read my writing and offer constructive criticism
o You're a good cook and do at least half the cooking when we're together
o You have a positive attitude, all the more impressive in that you're more or less in constant physical pain
o You're not a fearful person
o You're a good administrator
o You're a competent organizer
o You're willing to try new things
o You're a good mother
o You try to integrate everything what happens in your life
o You try to make our partnership work
o You can match my bigness and are not swamped by me
o You have a solid public presence
o You don't build your life around me
o You like hot springs
o You enjoy dining out and a variety of cuisines
o You don't get upset when I eat fish
o You sometimes play games with me, including crosswords & acrostics
o You make sure there's coffee and half & half in your kitchen

Ma'ikwe has been struggling lately with how critical I am, and how worn down she feels being around my dance with perfectionism (see Enneagram 1). It seemed a good time to step back and focus on the other side of the coin.

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