Monday, January 17, 2011

An Eventful Year Ahead

Most years I participate in three events that offer the public a chance to learn about cooperative living. This year, the opportunities will be doubled—which is great for riding the wave of surging interest in community. I'm psyched. Here's an overview of what's on tap for 2011, posted in chronological sequence:

1. May 21 • Art of Community Day
in Chicago IL, hosted by the Fellowship for Intentional Community
This will be a one-day event on the north side of the Windy City, immediately following FIC's spring organizational meetings, May 18-20. There will be workshops, networking, and more fun than you can shake a stick at. Community Bookshelf will be there, and the day will culminate after dinner with a raucous benefit auction, followed by live music and dancing. Registration is open now.

2. May 27-29 • Communities Conference
in Summertown TN, hosted by The Farm
Visit one of the best-known and longest standing intentional communities in the US and get
a boatload of information and inspiration about cooperative living over Memorial Day Weekend. Contact Coordinator Douglas Stevenson for details: .

3. June 17-19 • National Cohousing Conference
in Washington DC, hosted by the Cohousing Association of the US
This annual event happens on the weekend nearest summer solstice. It brings together seekers, forming groups, representatives of built cohousing communities (there are over 130 in the US), and professionals for a packed weekend of workshops, speakers, and mixers. This year the event will be held at a hotel in suburban Virginia.

4. Aug 19-21 • Communities Conference
in Louisa VA, hosted by Twin Oaks
This is another annual event, located at a well-known and well-established community. In contrast with the cohousing weekend, this is a camping experience, which significantly reduces the cost. Twin Oaks has created a conference site nestled into the woods on the edge of their property, where everyone plays together for the weekend. While there will be the familiar array of workshops, Community Bookshelf, and chances to meet with representatives of regional communities, there will also be fire circles, community tours, and potluck meals.

5. Sept 23-25 • Art of Community
in Occidental CA, hosted by FIC
This event will be held at Westminster Woods, tucked into the coastal redwoods of southern Sonoma County, only 90 minutes north of San Francscio. We're expecting hundreds of participants to join us for a weekend focused on Creating Sustainable Culture Through Cooperation. Workshops and activities will emphasize interactive opportunities and experiential learning.

6. Nov 4-6 • NASCO Institute
in Ann Arbor MI, hosted by the North American Students of Cooperation
This annual event is held at the Michigan Union, right on campus, in the middle of downtown Ann Arbor. Most of the participants come from student co-ops around the US and Canada, attracting those who have been most inspired by their first taste of cooperative living. There are workshops, banquets, parties, and caucuses—all geared to making a good thing better.

• • •
While I'll only be able to attend five of the six (I was already booked to conduct a facilitation training over Memorial Day Weekend, when Douglas announced this year's conference at The Farm), I love getting together with people hungry for information about community, and am excited to have so many chances to share my enthusiasm about cooperative living with so many folks in one year.

This year, FIC's events cup runneth over. I invite you to mark your calendar now, so that when the time comes, you can runneth over and attend one or two of the events nearest you. We can also use your help in banging the drum to let your friends (and listserves) know about this great lineup of community events—before time runneth out.

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